The content for this project was created as a part of a class in conjunction with General Mills. 

I worked as an art director and producer on a team of 5 to create an integrated advertising campaign for Larabar. We created the campaign Larabar Fits In. This campaign targets individuals who embrace an adventurous lifestyle and are always looking to break their routines without sacrificing every day comfort due to limited space in their bags. 

We created four personas to encompass the broad spectrum of adventurers: The Glamper, The Festival Fiend, The Backyard Voyager and The Wes Anderson. Each of these diverse personas represents a different kind of adventurer who loves the unpredictability of adventure but dreads being unprepared.

The campaign involves the use of a social media campaign, event based marketing targeting festivals and community events, and special edition packaging. All executions target the personas and prompt the consumers to select an adventurer to identify with.



School: Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Instructor: Nancy Rice
Client: General Mills
Team: Emily Erickson, Samantha Mulvihill, Kayleigh Baker, Nolan Mao, Ani Djaferian, Craig Rice's Advanced Film Class